Seven Modular Training

Seven modular training is a foundation for the production of skilled human resources to contribute to conflict transformation and peace building process through capacity building and mobilization of produced human resources. The training is called seven-modular training as each phase of seven modular training comprises a series of one to seven module modular training followed by field practice. Each module is conducted for a few days with different subject matter related to the conflict transformation process then participants practice gained theoretical knowledge at the community level for a few months (Learning by doing). The learnings and challenges faced during field level further strengthen and polish participants to work effectively in the process of conflict transformation. Few days training followed by field practice continued from first to the seventh phase of modular training. Despite the one-way lecture method, brain-storming, question answer, role play, open discussion, storytelling, group-observation, field experience are primarily employed during the training. By the end of December 2018, three phases of seven modular training are accomplished. The first phase of seven modular training (2008-2010) conducted in the facilitation of Prof. John Paul and co-facilitation of Mr. Ameet Dhakal produced 30 human resources out of 34 participants. Similarly, the second phase of seven modular training (2011-2013) is facilitated by skilled human resources produced from the first phase of modular training. It is conducted in two different locations, and 52 participants had completed a training course out of 61 participants. Similarly, the third phase of seven modular training (2016-2018) has produced 29 human resources to work in the sector of peace building through the transformation of multi-stakeholder conflicts.